Sunday, March 28, 2010

They were camouflaged by self-surprise!

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These words are so reflective of my artistic beliefs:

"The Artist's Secret"

"I don't understand ambition.
When you paint a picture and you have a definite aim in view,
I have the strange feeling that nothing much is going to come of it.
I don't understand definite goals, anyway,
toward anything.
One ought to be absolutely surprised of whatever finally happens,
almost against one's own aims.
The greatest singing birds generally stop in the midst
of the most daring trills and roulades,
cock their head sideways,
as if utterly amazed at the fabulous sounds they have just given off.
They are astonished by their own performance,
as if it had been perpetrated by someone else,
and this is, indeed,
the highest delight in life
that you have capabilities that surprise even you.
So ambition seems like a little side alley.
an error in judgment, or a substitution of something trivial
for what ought to be your real goal,
~ anon ~